McKinley Car Wash was founded in 1947 by the four Yoshikawa brothers, Tsuneo, Yukio, Sueo and Hiroshi. It moved to the current Honolulu location on Kapiolani Boulevard in 1964. In that time, millions of cars have received the McKinley treatment…personal, hands-on, quality service that only a family business can provide.

What’s the secret for capturing the loyalty of so many happy customers? It’s the three generations of the Yoshikawa family. Daily operations are now in the hands of the second AND third generations: Yukio’s sons Craig and Max, and Craig’s son Kurt.

All three are hands on, helping customers and making sure vehicles are serviced quickly. And Yukio still comes to the car wash and chats with customers as their cars are being dried.

Along with their employees, they are one happy, hard-working family.